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A year ago I started with consciousness coaching, and I really am impressed by the context and concept from where I am learning to become a coach. It not only teaches to listen and move along with the clients feeling & thinking, but more thouroughly stimulates you to become aware to what extend you YOURSELF are committed to reach YOUR GOALS. I will share more on this as soon as you decide to engage in the coaching. Maybe you are asking yourself on what am I coaching? Since most coaches have a relationship to a topic in which field they are also a specialist themselves. However as your coach I will not TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.
YOU decide where you want to go, and consider me as your taxi driver... My questions will just help you to distinguish you have a wish to go to DREAMANY, WONDERLAND, or to REACHMYGOALIA ? Very exiting when your goals become more clear and reachable for the status quo is very resistant.


Before we engage in coaching I will ask you to fill out an intake form and get inspired on where you stand now and where you think you are heading. The intake is a beginning in rewiring your thinking..


Each sessions has a clear procedure of 7 steps:

1- becoming present

What is necessary for you to be fully present in the moment (being aware of everything occupying space in your bodymind and put it on the parking during the session)

2 – Progress

2- results of assignments from last sessions (to what extent can you rely on yourself doing what you said you would do?)

3 – Awareness

3- what showed up in between sessions (sometimes some insights, feelings, breakdowns, breakthroughs supply you with the fuel for a great session)

4 – Session goal

4- what is your goal for today's session (what is the goal you are 100% committed to working on during the session)

5 – Content

5- how to reach the goal (so, how will / can you get there? What's keeping you, what if... etc. )

6 – Assignments

6- what assignments do you take on you ? Are they inspiring, moving and touching you? Can you allow yourself to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone?

7 – Nugget

7- what is it you gained during this session?

Awareness Creation

As part of consciousness coaching I will during each session also share some information that will empower you in becoming more aware, and what will give you the context for being more effective I am sure reading this alone will make you curious or even enthusiastic, maybe even somewhat scared .. For it is scary working on ourselves - what is around the corner that I have not discovered about me? I look forward to engage with the real you!


  1. thank you for your professionalism and Guidance. It has made me more concience about my motives, and has contributed to that I’ve got clarity to what my goals and priorities are ahead of time. I recommend especially those who have many goals and aspirations, to undergo this in cooperation with coatch “Mark” and become familiar with your inner and most important goals!
    Eric Wilting

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